Wedding Blog Exclusive for African Brides

Whether you will agree or not, most of the wedding sites and blogs are highly concentrated to white people. But not all brides are white. Some of them have African lineage, so the outcome–skin color and beauty features–is bit different as compared to most number of people especially in the US.

According to some African wedding bloggers and stylists, black brides are ignored. The bridal industry is one of the indicators that fashion is white-centric. But there is always the other side of the coin. Nowadays, brides with African lineage could be assisted well due to the emergence of bridal magazines and blogs exclusively made for them.


If you are looking for the official wedding blog for African brides in the US, here they are in no particular order:

[1] Black Bridal Bliss

This blog and website is founded and created by outstanding media veteran named Bridgette Royall. If you are a black bride, this is the place wherein you can access content regarding nuptials. You can read tons of information regarding basics and everything in between budget to grand wedding celebration. Not only that, this site is also open to guide black brides for their wedding planning.

If you want assistance with your peonies and placecards, planners, style, inspiration and many more, just visit Bridgette’s website any time of the day.

[2] African American Brides

If you need an inspiration in planning your own wedding, this is another great place to visit. This site features different weddings of couples who have African lineage in the US. If you need guide on how African people prefers their cake, this is the place that you should frequent. Not only that, you could read tons of information about trends in engagement ring, wedding dresses, surprise proposal, planning and so on.

[3] Munaluchi Bridal

If you are a bride who craves for style and culture, there is a matching blog and magazine that could cater your needs, the Munaluchi Bridal. In African semantics, the blog’s name means “beautiful work of God”. The mission of this blog is to cater the needs of African brides in the US who are in search for style. This site is also very inspiring as the staffs are trying to impart positive message of confidence and style among women of color.

If you need inspiration related to wit, freedom and vibrance in terms of wedding style, this is the blog to visit. Staffs of this wedding blog want women of color to be graceful and stylish. And at the same time, brides should uphold their culture, no matter what shade they have.

[4] African American Wedding Hairstyle

One of the most difficult elements of an African wedding is the hairstyle. If you have no idea what to do with your hair for your wedding, just visit this place and you will get thousands of inspiration. The blog is updated from time to time, so you can always check in your most comfortable time.

No matter what style you want or what kind of hair you’ve got, this blog will help you. You don’t need to go anywhere else if anything you need is about African wedding hairstyle.

These official wedding blogs for African brides in the US will help you guide in your fashion needs. It is the high time to break barriers and level the playing fields with white brides.